The Time of Your Life Now

The Time of Your Life Now

The mission of Time of Your Life Now is to share the story of a growing movement of people who are saying no to conforming to social expectations and who are, instead, looking within at what they REALLY want for this phase of their lives…and making it happen. People who are ready to make THIS the time of their life, who don’t want to wait for some time in the distant future to be fulfilled.


The blog will feature true, real-life stories from people who have accomplished personal goals or transitioned to new lifestyles to better reflect their values. I will interview people with inspiring stories on many topics such as lifestyle transitions, academic pursuits, healthy living, relationship changes and career changes…with one common theme – living on purpose.


I offer coaching services as well. Naturally people can and do make positive lifestyle changes all the time without a coach. At times, though, some may choose life coaching to help them get there, a little faster.




What’s great about people?


I think people are naturally giving. We do things for others at the expense of ourselves, especially if we have kids, spouses, extended family, volunteer causes, jobs, etc. We can tend to forget our own needs in this process.


We are resourceful. We make decisions such as what to study, what career to follow, what friends to choose, how to eat, where to live, how to parent, how to manage money, how to retire…and when we really want something we can often accomplish it.


Then why are so many people dissatisfied in life?


There are many reasons for this. We are easily influenced. We’re bombarded with advertising messages that tell us what to dream, what to fear, what to value, what to buy, how to act and how to get what we want…and we buy into these messages. Then we make choices based on what others want us to do without checking-in to see if it’s what we really want.


We are creatures of habit. We sometimes go unconscious in our lives and live each day the same as the last, just because it’s what we’re accustomed to. We can end up living with decisions we made when we were younger, long after they no longer serve us. And then we keep on living this way.


But is it working? Are people living the time of their life now, or are they hoping fulfillment will happen at a distant time in the future?


The truth is we can live the time of our life now.


About me


I have always been someone who prefers one-on-one conversations over large groups, small get-together’s rather than parties, and real conversations over small-talk. I enjoy discovering what gets revealed when we let our guards down and explore ourselves. I love it when people support each other through encouragement and inspiration. And there’s nothing better than inspiring people to be more than they thought themselves capable of.


I want to do this on a bigger scale. So I thought, why not combine my passions and launch a website with a blog to do just that. (Click here for my bio)


About you


  • What subjects would you like to read about?
  • Do you know anyone who has made a great lifestyle change that I should interview?


If you have any comments I would love to hear them.


Thanks…stay tuned for great real-life stories on my blog! And remember to make THIS the Time of Your Life Now. What are you waiting for?


Kristine Canniff


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2 thoughts on “The Time of Your Life Now

  1. kcanniff Post author

    Hi Michelle, You bring up such great points about being open to the unexpected and knowing that we are at choice about our responses and feelings. What powerful concepts! It will be great watching your next phase unfold! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Michelle Topolinsky

    Hi Kris,

    I’m liking what I’ve read so far and happy to know that you’ve found your passion in life. More importantly, I’m happy that you are brave enough and willing to share your inner thoughts and talents with others. It takes a lot of deep reflection and thought to get to this point in life!

    As you know, I’ve been through extremely challenging life changes in the past year and I believe I have handled it quite well. The key for me was to prepare for whatever I was going to be hit with and hang on for the ride. Loneliness, depression, second guessing my decisions, money worries, lost friendships. What I didn’t expect was my reconnection with my spiritual side and the power of prayer and asking for help and guidance from a greater power.

    Additionally, I kept reminding myself that I am in control of my decisions, my reactions, my feelings and to me that equates to power, and empowerment. How liberating is that! I could choose to be sad, miserable, victimized, but instead I chose to be happy, grateful, and free!

    So, now that I’ve successfully survived my year of change, I will follow your lead and start focusing on my short- and long-term goals to get on with my new and improved life.

    Thanks Kris, for the lift!

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