Lean in and ride the waves

Lean in and ride the waves – reflections from a trip to California

A few days ago I returned from a two-week trip to California where I visited my sister, without my husband, and without my teenagers. It was beautiful with a mix of alone time, sister time, coaching time, lots of nature, and some unique airbnb experiences.


One night we slept in a little sailboat at a marina which, to be honest, was a bit scary when a man began using a table saw at 11:30 pm. And let’s face it, nothing good ever happens in the movies when two women sleep on a sailboat! But we survived.





We slept more peacefully the next night in a little gazebo-tree house, owned by a pilot, that overlooked the treetops near Santa Cruz. The funky art, wall of wind chimes and poster of Frank Zappa on a toilet made it all the more charming. Here is a pic of me walking down into the gazebo for the first time, not knowing what to expect and being pleasantly surprised!




I booked the trip to coincide with a CTI Co-Active Coaching workshop at the head office in San Rafael, which is the school I trained with over ten years ago. I’m in the process of assisting at all of their workshops in order to refresh my knowledge and immerse myself into the energy of being with coaches, who are wonderful people! It was an amazing experience and the coaches-in-training I met were unbelievably inspiring. I’ve never experienced being part of such a cohesive group after only a few days.


The other thing I am struck by while reflecting on the trip is the ocean. How I love the ocean. When I sit on a cliff and look out over a body of water, everything else fades away. It’s the place I feel most whole, where everything is possible.


The ocean is also a great metaphor for life. I watched some surfers one afternoon as they paddled out, patiently waiting for waves, or moving to different areas when the water became too calm. Never did they spin around aimlessly.  They stayed focused and were driven by purpose, always with intent. And when the ocean got rough, they leaned in to ride the waves.


I returned home with renewed clarity  and a vow to create more space in my life for nature and reflection. We all have special places or activities that help us recharge and reconnect to who we are. Creating time for this is a great step towards being fulfilled and living on purpose…I highly recommend it. Getting a bit of downtime without the kids can also be a great way to rejuvenate!




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