Kristine Canniff

I’m Kristine Canniff, a Professional Life Coach certified with both CTI and the International Coach Federation.

The mission of Time of Your Life Now is to inspire people to improve their lives by setting and achieving authentic goals. It’s for those who are saying ‘no’ to conforming to expectations and who are, instead, looking within at what they really want…and making it happen. I post stories on my Blog, highlighting people living inspirational lives; and I offer Life Coaching for those who want some help in getting there a little faster.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through CTI, I am certified with the International Coach Federation, and I have been coaching people and groups on achieving goals and improving their lives for nearly 20 years. I co-founded and led the Toronto Co-Active Coaching Community, acted as CTI’s Toronto Ambassador, led corporate workshops on leadership and values, and taught coaching skills at the Toronto Learning Annex. Since becoming a certified coach in 2003 I have helped hundreds of clients on various issues and re-branded my business from ‘Canniff Coaching’ to ‘Time of Your Life Now’.

Would you like to make THIS the time of YOUR life? If so, please contact me.


Be True

Discover your individuality and share it with others!

Be Loving

Give back, every day, to yourself and to others!

Be Grateful

Notice and appreciate the gifts all around you!

Be Passionate

Fully engage with your interests!

Be Daring

Take risks every day that move you toward your dreams!

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